Real Estate

real-estateDavid Vallone has handled hundreds of real estate transactions in his 22 years of practicing law on Long Island.  He has experience representing buyers, sellers, and lending banks.  He has represented these parties in closings which involve homes, condominiums, cooperative apartments and townhouses.  He has also handled all types of transactions, including short sales, purchases at foreclosure, and REO properties (properties owned by banks after they have foreclosed).

A significant portion of his practice has always consisted of representation of first time home buyers.  If you are about to purchase your first property, you can rest assured that the process will be fully explained to you and you can count on the assistance of a skilled and experienced attorney.

As an experienced real estate attorney from Suffolk County, David understands the purchase or sale of any home is one of the most significant economic events in the life of any Suffolk County resident.  He sees his role as part of a team of professionals who are there to make certain that the transaction proceeds to closing as quickly as possible.  His sole interest is in protecting your legal rights, but he recognizes that he cannot close your loan without the assistance of real estate brokers, mortgage lenders, title company personnel, and a home inspector.  Working together with  competent,  professional people in each role will enable David to bring your transaction to a successful closing.