mediationMediation is a process where a neutral third party meets with both parties and, through a series of meetings, helps the couple come to an agreement.  It is the quickest, least expensive way to come to an agreement.  The quickest and cheapest method is not necessarily the best in your situation.  Should you choose to mediate, it is important to have an attorney who is both trained in resolving conflicts and is an expert on all of the issues which arise in divorce cases.   David Vallone has the expertise in mediation, together with 22 years of experience in handling divorce matters, which are crucial in helping you reach a fair agreement with your spouse.

There is no question that mediation is a peaceful and civilized way to get divorced.  It allows you to sit in a non-threatening environment and work out your issues.   There is also the issue of privacy.  While no one except your spouse and your respective attorneys can read your divorce documents, many proceedings, including all trials and some conferences, are conducted in open court.  During these proceedings, your most intimate and private matters may be discussed and debated in a courtroom filled with strangers.  In mediation, these sessions are held in the privacy and safety of an office.

Another positive aspect of mediation is that the parties have a great deal more control over the process.  Court sessions need be scheduled to accommodate 2 attorneys (3 if the court has appointed an attorney to represent your children), and the court, as well as the parties.  Court appearances are also generally scheduled for weekday mornings.  When you mediate with David Vallone, you will be working with an attorney who will work around your schedule.  Many mediation sessions occur during the late afternoon or evening hours.