Collaborative Divorce

collaborative-divorceThere are many people who are seeking to get a divorce, but are fearful of the time, cost, and emotional toll of a long court battle.  At the same time, they are not entirely comfortable with the idea of sitting in a room with their spouse and a mediator.  If you read these two sentences and think they may apply to you, you should consider collaborative divorce.

As a former member of the Professional Standards and Development Committee of the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals, David Vallone is strongly believes that the collaborative process should be considered by anyone who needs a divorce.

In collaborative divorces, you agree that you will cooperate and negotiate in good faith to reach the best possible resolution for all concerns, including your children.  Like mediation, you seek to obtain a divorce without the need to go to court.  Unlike mediation, however, you each have your own attorney who is there to protect your rights at every meeting.  At the same time you receive the benefits of mediation, including the private meetings and the commitment of all parties to good faith negotiation.  You also avoid the adversarial atmosphere of litigation.